C.G.L.S.A (Concordia German Language Student Association) is known for its community atmosphere. Our  intent is to gather German language students (many of whom are pursuing the Minor program), with German culture and language.

Our student body has a wide range of language fluency, from basic interest in the language/ beginners to advanced German. Our mission is to help members come together and make considerable improvements in language and communication skills. Our events, social and academic, have the same result: improvement. These events offer students a place to seek help, advice and a space to gain confidence in their German language skills.


C.G.L.S.A. ist bekannt für ihre gemeinschaftsbildende Atmosphäre. Unser Hauptziel ist alle die Studenten, die deutsche Sprachkurse belegen, in der Concordia- und Deutsche-Gemeinschaft zu integrieren.

Jeder hat sein eigenes Sprachniveau und dafür unsere Mission ist der Mitglieder der CGLSA helfen, um ihr Deutsch zu verbessern. Unsere Veranstaltungen schaffen eine freundliche Atmosphäre, wo jeder Hilfe und Rat bekommen kann, um sein Selbstvertrauen zu gewinnen. 


C.G.L.S.A. By-laws

Every Concordia University student enrolled in the current Minor program or taking at least one German language course per year is a member of the C.G.L.S.A. Members are entitled to certain rights and privileges as indicated in our Member Assocation by-laws.